Episode 14- Cables, Love ‘em or Hate ‘em?

February 11, 2018

Today's topics include

  • The Knitters Book Club Knit Along
  • Imaginary Knitting
  • Hot Off the Needles
  • What we are Working on
  • Sad Knitting Tragedies
  • and, Listener Contribution!

Today's stash hiding space was shared by SCButtercup on Ravelry.  Thank you for participating, SCButtercup!

Listeners, please share where you hide your stash with us for a chance to be featured on the show!  Visit the Misadventures in Knitting Ravelry group and find the thread titled, "where do you hide your stash?"

We need additional ratings on iTunes.  If you have a spare moment, please leave us a review.  This will help our podcast to become searchable.  Thank you in advance.

Thank you to everyone who has joined our Ravelry group!  We are pleased to announce we now have over 100 members!  To celebrate, one lucky group member will receive a bit of yarny goodness.  On Wednesday, February 21st, we will use the Random Number Generator to select a winner.  Up for grabs is one skein of Gynx Self Striping Yarn!  To enter, become a member of our group!

The Misadventures in Knitting Podcast is currently hosting the Knitters Book Club.  We are reading A Stash of One's Own by Clara Parkes and knitting a project designed by a contributor.  Our second Google Hang Out will take place Friday, March 2nd at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Links and more detailed information can be found in the Ravelry forum.  Share pictures of projects using #KnittersBookClubKAL

Knitters Book Club Discussion

Thank you to Teresa, Heather and Mary for participating!

Imaginary Knitting Discussion

Tara wants to knit every pattern in the book, Silk Road Socks, by Hunter Hammersen.

Ashley has tried to avoid Ravelry because she wants to finish the projects in her UFO bin, especially the Serape Shawl by Megi Burcl and the Peacock Cowl by Stephanie Tallent.

Hot Off the Needles

Tara finished the Pennyroyal Hat by Tracey Lambert of Magpie Fibers.  Tara knit her hat with Magpie Fibers Domestic Worsted in the Norwegian Wood Colorway.  Tara also had the pleasure of teaching two new knitters (Allie and Lauren!) how to knit in the round and how to knit lace using this pattern.

Tara finished the Heart Socks by Susan B. Anderson.  She used Abstract Fibers Sock Yarn.

What We are Working On

Ashley is knitting the Modern Icelandic sweater by Lars Raines which is available in the 2018 Winter Issue of Vogue Knitting.

Ashley is knitting the Squircle Sock by General Hogbuffer and is using Claudia's Handpainted Addiction and Lollipop Yarns.

Ashley is knitting the February Block of the month, which involves mosaic knitting, from River Knits Year Long Afghan.


Tara is working on the Magic Toadstool Socks by Stone Knits.  She casted on the Gordes Socks by Hunter Hammersen.  Finally, Tara casted on the Flax Sweater by Tin Can Knits.

Sad Knitting Tragedies

Ashley had trouble setting up the decreases for the Squircle Socks.  She had to rip back several times!

The Listener Contribution

VermontNana asked, "Do you like cables?  Or do you avoid them in your knitting?"

Tara loves cables!

  • Her first cabling experience was the Antler Sweater by Tin Can Knits
  • Her favorite cabled pattern is the Quadri Hat by Michelle Wang

Ashley does not love cables!

Tara and Ashley cable without a needle.  There are many helpful videos on YouTube, including the one below.


Episode 13: The Best Yet

January 28, 2018

Today's topics include:

  • The Knitters Book Club Knit Along
  • Hot Off the Needles
  • What we are Working on
  • Product Review Time!
  • 2018 Resolution Update

Today's stash  hiding space was shared by ContentedReader on Ravelry.  Thank you very much for contributing to the show!

Listeners, please let us know where you "hide" your stash by visiting the Misadventures in Knitting Ravelry Group.  There you will find a thread called, "where do you hide your stash?"  Share your story and you may be featured on an upcoming episode.

Thank you to everyone who joined our Ravelry Group.  We are pleased to announce we now have over 100 members.  Please introduce yourselves and stay tuned for a prize drawing in the near future.

Speaking of our Ravelry Group, the Misadventures in Knitting Podcast is currently hosting the Knitters Book Club.  Over the course of the next three months, we will read  A Stash of One's Own by Clara Parkes and knit a project designed by a contributor.  Google Hang Outs will take place on the final Friday evening of each month through March.  This will give us a chance to chat "face to face" like a real book club.  Links and more detailed information is available in the Ravelry group.  Use #KnittersBookClubKAL when sharing photos on social media!

Hot Off the Needles

Ashley finished the Land of Sweets Cowl by Helen Stewart.  She used a Nox Yarn advent collection.  Ashley also finished a baby bunting for a customer.

Tara finished Angel in My Tiny Pocket by Melissa Kemmerer.  She knit the size 6 and used Jill Draper Esopus fingering, which is sadly discontinued.

Tara finished the Smooth Operator Socks by Susan B. Anderson.  She used Gynx yarn in the Gingerbread House colorway, as well as Coop Knits Socks Yeah! for the cuff, heels, and toes.

What We Are Working On:

Tara is using Abstract Fibers Sock to create the Heart Socks by Susan B. Anderson for Valentine's Day.  She is following the lace directions for the hearts (which are free!) and the How I Make My Socks Pattern by Susan B. Anderson (which is also free!)

Tara is working on the Magic Toadstool Socks by Stone Knits.

Ashley is working on River Knits Year Long Afghan for a class taught at Woolworks.  The pattern is by Amanda Gill and available on Ravelry.  The blanket is made up of ten unique squares and Ashley is using Shepherd's Worsted by Stonehenge Mills.

Ashley casted on the Lars Rains Modern Icelandic Sweater available in the 2018 Winter Issue of Vogue Knitting.  She is using Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok.  This sweater project is part of the Thursday night Knit Alongs hosted by Woolworks in Baltimore, MD.

Finally, Ashley started the Squircle socks by General Hogbuffer using Claudia's Handpainted Addiction yarn.

Product Review Time!

Ashley and Tara review Addi Flexi Flips.  These needles are advertised as an alternative to using DPNs, Magic Loop or two circular needles for knitting small circumferences in the round, for example: socks or sleeves.  Since their release, these needles have been wildly popular and are worth a try.

Ashley's thoughts:

  • It's great that Addi provides a video for successful use!
  • Casting-on with these needles was challenging, but it is also difficult to cast on with DPNs or Magic Loop.
  • Flexi-Flips may work well for movie-theatre knitting.
  • I like the Rocket Tip (sharp point) on the Flexi-Flips.
  • My normal "go-to" for sock knitting are wooden DPNs.

Tara's thoughts:

  • So excited to try these out!
  • Found the needles difficult to use.
  • Maybe the cord in the middle could be longer?
  • I prefer Magic Loop over these needles.
  • Maybe I should give these a second try.
  • A nice feature is that it has a blunt and pointy tip.

2018 Resolution Update

Ashley updates us on her sewing and Tara talks about not-buying-yarn.

Episode 12: Happy New Year 2018

January 14, 2018
Today’s topics include:
* The Knitters Book Club Knit Along!
*  What we are wearing
*  The Sweat Shop of Love
*  Our Resolutions for 2018
Today’s stash hiding space was shared by CatCameo on Ravelry.  This knitter does not actually store yarn in her hubcaps but has considered it ever since her husband found her stash in the office cabinets!  Ha, ha!  Thank you for the chuckle, CatCameo!
The Knitters Book Club Knit Along
The Knitters Book Club has begun!  This knit along runs from January 1st thru March 31st, 2018.  Over the course of the next three months, we will read “A Stash of One’s Own” by Clara Parkes and knit a project designed by one of the contributors.  Some of you have asked, “who are the contributors?”.  Well, besides Clara Parkes herself, you can choose a project designed by Susan B. Anderson, Rachel Atkinson, Kay Gardiner, Franklin Habit, Anna Maltz, Kim McBrien Evans, Amy Christoffers, Amy Herzog, Gudrun Johnston, The Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl McPhee), Ann Shayne, Debbie Stoller, Meg Swansen, or Kristine Vejar.  Projects range from small to big, from simple to complicated.  You choose what you are in the mood for!
What makes this Knit Along unique is we plan to host Google Hang Outs on the last Friday of each month.  The very first  Google Hang Out will take place Friday, January 26th at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.  We will provide links in the Ravelry Forum.  This will give us the opportunity to discuss the book and swoon over everyone’s knitting “face to face”, almost like a real book club!
We also plan to share pictures and ideas through Ravelry and Instagram.  So, if you are not interested or able to use Google Hang Out, you can still participate.  Please see the threads in our Ravelry Group and use #KnittersBookClubKAL on Instagram.
For the Knit Along, Tara casted on a pair of Smooth Operator Socks by Susan B. Anderson using Gynx Yarn Self-Striping Gingerbread House in the Glitz Base.  Tara plans to knit a second pair of socks by Susan B. Anderson, the Smooth Operator Heart Socks.
Ashley plans to cast on the Ruche Beret by Susan B. Anderson using yarn by the Plucky Knitter.
What We Are Wearing
Ashley has been wearing Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry, the 21 Stripe Slouch, the Crofthoose Hat by Ella Gordon, and the V-Neck Cardigan by Knitting Pure and Simple.
Tara has been wearing the Gather Together by Joji Locatelli, which she purposely shrank in the dryer.  She also wears the Peerie Flooers Hat by Kate Davies on a daily basis.
The Sweat Shop of Love, Holiday Edition!
Ashley finished Socks on a Plane.  She is now working on the Smooth Operator Socks for her son.
Ashley is working on the Land of Sweets Cowl using the Nox advent yarn.
Tara finished the World’s Simplest Mittens for her sons (and successfully fixed the mitten that was knit at a smaller gauge!) and a pair of Gynx Christmas socks for her husband.
On Christmas Eve, Tara casted on the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas using Hedgehog Fibers Sock in the Bramble colorway.
Resolutions for 2018
Tara and Ashley share their resolutions for 2018!
Tara pledges:
* no new yarn!
* no yarn shopping!  (she references “My Year of No Shopping”by Ann Patchett)
* to knit from her beautiful stash!
* to manage her WIPs.
* to finish the knitting of her lace shawl design.
Ashley vows to:
* shop from her stash first.
* finish her WIPs (works-in-progress)!
* sew more!
* get back on track with running and complete numerous races.

Episode 011: Favorite Fibery Moments of 2017!

December 17, 2017

Today's topics include:

*Knit Along News

*What we are Working on

*the Top 17 Trends of 2017, a Countdown to Celebrate Knitting!

*Predictions for 2018

*and, our Favorite Fibery Moments of 2017

Today's stash hiding space was shared by LongCool on Ravelry.  This raveler's stash has grown from 1 bin to 4 and from one cabinet to two in her mudroom.  Luckily, her newly adopted mastiff is keeping the territory safe from prying eyes and intruders.  Thank you for sharing your hiding space with us, Jessica!


A few weeks ago, we were able to meet Boston Jen of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast and Mary of Kino Knits over a brunch at R House in Baltimore City.  Jen recently released the Megarow shawl, a top down, asymmetrical crescent-shaped shawl that alternates garter and a simple lace pattern.  Mary released a shawl and hat pattern in her collection Point/Counterpoint Volume 3 with Claire Devine.  We were thrilled to meet these two talented women!
Knit Along News
The Knitters Book Club, is scheduled to begin January 1st, 2018.  Over the course of three months, we will read "A Stash of One's Own" by Clara Parkes and knit a project designed by one of the contributors.  We will chat about the book and gush over everyone's knitting using Google Hang Out.  Join us for a special New Years Day Cast On Party!  Post a picture of your freshly started project on Instagram using #knittersbookclubkal.  Please see the Misadventures in Knitting Ravelry group for complete information, a bundle of potential patterns, and a chat thread.
Tara is considering the Voe Sweater by Gudrun Johnston and/or the Acer Cardigan by Amy Christoffers.  Ashley may cast on the Aestlight Shawl by Gudrun Johnston and/or the Ruche Beret by Susan B. Anderson.
What we are working on:
Tara finished the Suprise Party Shawl by Helen Stewart.  She used Primrose Adelaide (single ply/fingering weight) with "Don't Fear the Reaper" as the main color.
Tara finished a pair of vanilla socks using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel.  She used Lollipop Yarn Quintessential/Gripes base in the "Witches Brew" colorway.
Tara had a boost of sock mojo and casted on two pairs of Christmas socks using a traditional heel flap.  She is using Gynx Yarn in the "Cheers" colorway and West Yorkshire Spinners in the "Holly Berry" colorway.
Ashley finished the 21 Color Slouch by Virginia Sattler-Reimer using a kit by Blue Sky Fibers.  She made a few mods for a better fit.
Ashley is working on a pair of Socks on a Plane by Laura Linneman using Two Sisters Yarn Company's self-striping in the "Pippi to the Rescue" colorway.
Ashley decided to use her Nox Yarns Advent for the Land of Sweets Cowl by Helen Stewart.
Tara is working on Angel in my Tiny Pocket by Melissa Kemmerer using Jill Draper Esopus, which is discontinued.
Top 17 Trends of 2017
17.) The Fringe Field Bag with Pins
16.)  Pullovers!
Andrea Mowry,  Isabell Kraemer and Caitlin Hunter are leading this trend.
15.)  Crochet
14.)  Colorwork
Caitlin Hunter's Sunset Highway, Ninilchik Poncho, Zweig , and Birkin were mentioned. 
Gudrun Johnston and the Bousta Beanie.
13.) Accessible Knitting
Vanilla socks.  Garter stitch shawls.
12.)  Videocasting
11.)  mKALs
 Everyone has one!
10.) The Me-Made Wardrobe
9.) Indie Dyers
8.)  The Neon to Pastel Color Transition
 La Bien Amiee and Olann were mentioned.
The Panton color of 2018 is Ultra Violet.
7.)  Speckles!
6.)  Brioche
 Lesley Anne Robinson was mentioned.
5.) BATs: Big A** Tassels!
 What the Fade and Ohra Shawl were mentioned.
4.) BAPs:  Big A** Poms!!
 Faux and real fur!
3.) BASs:  Big A** Shawls!!!
 Tara mentioned the larger than life Degreenify by Josh Ryks-Robinsky.
2.) Craftivism
There is a hat for every cause!
 Pussy Hats  and the Come Together Blanket by Kat Coyle were mentioned.
Predictions for 2018:
Tara thinks speckles will continue to be popular through 2018.  She also predicts domestically raised, spun, and dyed wool will grow in popularity and Cormo will be seen more often.
Ashley thinks the designs of Isabell Kraemer will gain even more popularity in 2018.  She also thinks heirloom quality knitting will make a come back, for example the designs of Rowan, Alice Starmore and Norah Gaughan.
Favorite Fibery Moments of 2017:
Tara and Ashley agree that starting the podcast will make 2017 memorable.  Ashley is also proud of sewing a dress that fits!

Amy’s Grand Shetland Adventure: An Interview

November 28, 2017

Amy Legg and Karen Brehm, co-owners of Woolworks Yarn Shop in Baltimore, MD, travelled to Shetland in July 2017 for what many consider to be the “ultimate knitting vacation”.  Amy shares what she learned and saw while on the Grand Shetland Adventure led by Gudrun Johnston and Mary Jane Mucklestone, two talented knit-wear designers.

In this special edition podcast episode, Amy talks with us about her epic journey and details how it was truly a “trip of a lifetime”.

Amy and KB

Karen Brehm (left) and Amy Legg (right) on their Grand Shetland Adventure

Episode 010: Everything is Awesome

November 26, 2017

Today’s stash hiding space was shared by Miss CeliesPants on Instagram.  Thank you for sharing with us, Renee!


A Bunch of Thank Yous

Since November is the month to be thankful, we would like to thank all of you who listen to our podcast.  To Amy, Karen and Brenda, the owners of Woolworks Yarn Shop in Baltimore, MD, we thank you for your continual support.  Woolworks offers a variety of yarns and fibers for every knitting occasion, including Woolfolk, Madeline Tosh, and The Fiber Company.  See woolworksbalt.com for a complete list of classes, knit alongs, and other special events, such as the Jane Spalding Ceramics Trunk Show on December 2nd from 11AM-3PM.

To Brooke of Fully Spun Yarn, we thank you for being our first ever long distance, computer screen-to-computer screen interview.  We cannot wait to get our conversation uploaded for the show.  In the meantime, listeners can check out Brooke’s beautiful yarns at fullyspun.com and see her in person December 2nd and 3rd at the Art Pop Squared Artist’s Market in Frederick, Maryland.  And, you did hear that right, listeners.  The Misadventures in Knitting Podcast will eventually include interviews!

Knit Along News

*Congratulations to the grand prize winners of the Too Much Candy Knit Along, JMazurick for the Autumnal Cowl and LMEColl for the Grand Central Socks.  We used the random number generator to select our Ravelry and Instagram winners.  In total, we had 17 gorgeous entries.  Thank you so much to all who participated!

Tara finished the 6-12 month Flax Sweater by Tin Can Knits using Cascade 220 Superwash Wave in the “Seattle” colorway.

Tara also finished the Spindrift Shawl by Helen Stewart using Destination Yarns Postcard Base in the Toes in the Sand colorway.


Ashley has been misadventure-free, while Tara has a terrible case of startitis/startosis and knitting ADD.  She wants to cast on more projects than is possible to finish!

What We are Working On

Tara is test knitting a sweater for Melissa Kemmerer in a size 6.  The sweater is called “Angel in my Tiny Pocket” and it features a small pocket along the hem with a duplicate angel for the wearer to touch when they need extra energy or love.  Tara is using Jill Draper Esopus fingering weight, which has been discontinued.

Tara started the Amulet Shawl by Helen Stewart using Old Maiden Aunt Superwash Merino 4-ply in the Buttermint Colorway.  She also purchased triangular shaped beads from Lovelyarns to decorate the shawl.

Ashley has been working tirelessly on  the Ninlichik Swoncho by Caitlin Hunter using Arranmore Light by the Fibre Company.

*Our next Knit Along, The Knitters Book Club, is scheduled to begin in January 2018.  Over the course of three months, we will read “A Stash of One’s Own” by Clara Parkes and knit a project designed by one of the contributors.  We will chat about the book and ooh-and-ahh over everyone’s knitting by using Google Hang Out.  Please see the Misadventures in Knitting Ravelry group for complete information and a bundle of potential patterns.

Hot Off the Needles

Ashley finished the Unicorn Hat by Brittany Tyler Simmonds.  Ashley used Rowan Big Wool, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, and wool roving, which Ashley made into a “fulled” yarn.

Ashley is also working on a pair of socks while watching “Stranger Things”.  She is using the “Upside Down” colorway by the Freckled Whimsy.

Tara is also working on the Surprise Party Shawl by Helen Stewart and the Wagenfeld Sweater by Ankestrick.  Tara continues to feel unsure how her husband will like this colorful sweater.

Imaginary Knitting

Tara is daydreaming about Helen Stewart’s “Land of Sweets” Cowl that is part of the 2017 Knitvent Collection.

Ashley is imaginary knitting her Nox Yarn Advent Mini-Skeins.  Ashley has considered Archer’s Paradox by Sweet Birch Design, Parallel Waves by Julia Marsh, and the Felicitas sweater by Maliha Designs.

Episode 009: Yarn is my favorite yarn

November 21, 2017

Today’s stash hiding space was shared by Liz-Knitz on Ravelry.  Thank you for sharing your secret with us, Liz!

General Announcements

*  The Misadventures in Knitting podcast is looking for show sponsorship.  If you are a yarn dyer, designer, in a related business or have a unique product, please email us at misadventuresinknitting@gmail.comif you are interested in advertising on the show.

*  Ashley and Tara want to know, “what do you want to hear about?” Which topics would you like us to discuss on the show?  Ask us your knitting, crochet, or general crafting questions.  With your input, we hope to create a more informative podcast. Please find the thread on the Ravelry group.

* Much appreciation to everyone who has already reviewed our podcast on iTunes.  Reviews and ratings help a podcast become searchable.  If you listen to our podcast, please consider writing a review.  We thank you in advance!

Knit Along News

*The Too Much Candy Knit Along

By the time this episode is published, the Too Much Candy Knit Along will be finished and two lucky knitters will have won two awesome prizes.  Grand prize winners and special category honorees will be named in episode 10 that will air on November 26th.  Thank you to all who participated!

*Future Knit Along to begin in the new year!

–“The Knitter’s Book Club”

–A 3 month knit-along, read along and discussion to begin January and end in March 2018.

–We will read “A Stash of One’s Own” by Clara Parkes and knit a project designed by one of the contributers.

–We plan to host Google Hang Outs on the last Friday of each month.

–A special discussion thread will be added in our Ravelry group.

–We will create a bundle with project ideas if you should feel “stuck”.

–More information will be released with future episodes.  We are so excited and needed to share the news with you right away!

What We are Wearing

Tara has worn the Simee Dimeh shawl by Romi Hill and the Marin Shawl by Ysolda Teague.  Tara’s sons, Leo and River, have worn their Christmas in July sweaters by Tanis Lavallee and So Faded by Andrea Mowry.

Ashley wore Afternoon Tea by Helen Stewart, knit by her friend, Heather.  Ashley wore a vintage Kaffe Fassett sweater dress to the theatre.  This beautiful dress was knit by a customer of Woolworks in Baltimore, MD.  Ashley also wore Ducky Socks.

Imaginary Knitting

Tara is daydreaming about the Damejakkaloppa by Pinneguri.  Tara apologizes for mispronouncing the designer’s name!  (Sorry!)

Ashley is imaginary knitting numerous WIPs!

Hot Off the Needles

Ashley finished Churchmouse Yarn and Tea’s Basic Christmas Stocking with Woolstok yarn.  She finished The Little Pumpkin Hat in Rowan Summerlite DK.  Ashley designed this cute hat!  This time around, she upsized the pattern for a toddler.  If you are interested in these changes, check out the notes on her Ravelry project page.

Tara finished the Exploration Station by Stephen West just in time for the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY.  Tara gifted this shawl to her friend, Lis, that vends at the festival under the name Heirlooms.

What We are Working On

Tara casted on the Surprise Party Shawl by Helen Stewart soon after its release.  She is using Primrose Adelaide.

Also by Helen Stewart, Tara is knitting the Spindrift Shawlette in Destination Yarn’s Postcard base in the Toes in the Sand colorway.

Finally, Tara is knitting the Wagenfeld pullover by Ankestrick using Jill Draper Empire.  She hopes this sweater will be a Christmas gift for her husband.

Ashley is knitting the Children’s Neck Down Cardigan by Knitting Pure and Simple.  She cast on the Unicorn Hat by Brittany Tyler Simmonds in Rowan Big Wool using size 15 needles!

Ashley cast on the Ninilchik Swoncho by Caitlin Hunter.  She is using Arranmore Light by the Fibre Company.


Both Tara and Ashley experienced a few misadventures!  Tara purchased several skeins of Domestic Worsted by Magpie Fibers.

Tara also purchased an entire sweater quantity of Periwinkle Sheep’s Bulky base in the Black/Turquoise colorway.

Ashley purchased several skeins of by Magpie Fibers, as well as a Wishmaker Mitt kit.

Ashley purchased a beautiful advent mini-skein set by Nox Yarns.  She is unsure how she will use the yarn, whether it will be for a shawl, sweater or something else entirely.  Suggestions needed!

Episode 008: Misadventures with Lace Knitting

October 15, 2017

Episode 008-Misadventures with Lace Knitting


Are you interested in being a podcast sponsor?  We would love to hear from you!  Please email us at misadventuresinknitting@gmail.com



Today’s stash hiding space was shared by Lil Dead Girl on Ravelry.  Thank you for contributing, Alissa!

A special nod  to Boston Jen of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast.  We love listening to your inspiring show and we look forward to meeting you in November!

The Too Much Candy Knit Along and Crochet Along!

*began Sept 15 and will run thru November 1st, 2017.

*Knit or crochet something halloween related.

*Share photos in our Ravelry group and/or on Instagram with #toomuchcandyKAL

*Enter to win awesome prizes!  Two Halloween project bags (sewn by the talented Ashley) and two skeins of halloween themed yarn are up for grabs!

*Prizes will be awarded using the random number generator.  One chosen from Instagram and the other from Ravelry.

*US addresses only for prizes.

Hot Off the Needles

Tara tested the North Bend Hat by Lori Wagner.  This hat, which features a beautiful cabled panel, will be available for purchase on Ravelry in mid-November.  Lori designed this for A Yarn Less Raveled, a yarn store in Northern California.  Tara knit a size small with YOTH Father in the Poppyseed Colorway.

Tara finished three Barley Hats by Tin Can Knits.  She used this pattern to teach a “Knit Your First Hat” class at Woolworks. Tara knit a child size (in Madeline Tosh Vintage colorway Glazed Pecan) and two adult small sizes (one in Madeline Tosh Vintage colorway Jasper and the other in Plucky Cachet Small Batch colorway #25).

Ashley finished the Plicate Hat by Hunter Hammersen using Woolfolk SNO.  Ashley found this hat to be very enjoyable and recommends the pattern and the yarn, which is incredibly soft.  Ashley warns that a swatch is necessary for success with this pattern!  Her hat will be on display at Woolworks in Baltimore, MD.

What We are Working On

Ashley is knitting the Basic Christmas Stocking by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.  She is using Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok, one of her favorites, and this will be a shop sample for Woolworks.

Ashley is working on the Knitting Pure and Simple Children’s Neck Down Cardigan #249.

Lastly, Ashley is crocheting Outlander by Lily Go.  Ashley is learning to read a crochet chart and she finds this pattern to be very clear.  She is using Spirit Trail Fibers Sunna that she purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  She is using beads from Jubili Beads and Yarn in Collingswood, NJ.

Tara is teaching a “Knit Your First Mitten” class at Woolworks and was inspired by The World’s Simplest Mitten pattern by Tin Can Knits.  She is making a Christmas garland using a modified infant size with Jill Draper Hudson.  She is also knitting a Child size with Cascade 220 Sport in the Punk Colorway for her son River and the Adult Small size for her son Leo using the Rainbow colorway.  (Note, this picture was taken one week after recording.)

Tara is working on the Exploration Station by Stephen West and is nearing the end!  She had a “knitting high-five!” moment when she started the final section and had exactly the number of stitches required, 455!  Yeah!  (Note, these photos are of the finished object and were taken one week after recording.)

Finally, Tara is knitting a pair of basic socks with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel for the #TooMuchCandyKAL.  She is using Lollipop Yarn Quintessential Base in the Witch Craft Colorway.

Sad Knitting Tragedies

Tara gave an update on the moth outbreak in her finished sweater bin.  She washed and reblocked five sweaters and multiple accessories.  She hopes the moths find somewhere else to live.

Totally Tubular Techniques (and not just the cast-on)!

Tara and Ashley have created a new rotating topic for the podcast called “Totally Tubular Techniques”.  Our goal for this section is to make challenging knitting techniques more accessible for all.  We hope to inspire confidence in our listeners.  Today, our topic is lace knitting but we will eventually cover other advanced techniques, such as colorwork, sweater knitting and brioche (to name a few).  Please contribute to our discussion by visiting the Misadventures in Knitting Ravelry Group.  You may have ideas that we did not address.  We would love to hear from you!

Early on, Ashley and Tara struggled with lace knitting and found it very difficult.  They both tried the Ishbel Shawl by Ysolda Teague and initially could not complete it.  So, they warmed up to lace by trying other patterns first.  Tara knit the Multnomah by Kate Ray and the Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante.  Ashley adventured into lace by completing the Monkey Sock and the Pomatomus Sock by Cookie A.  She also knit the Twisting Ladders Hat by Corinna Rogers.  Ashley’s first charted lace pattern was 198 Yards of Heaven by Christy Verity.

For success with lace, Tara and Ashley recommend you:

  • Print the pattern and use a hard copy vs. a smart phone or computer screen.
  • Familiarize yourself  by skimming through the pattern before casting on.
  • Read through the completed projects on Ravelry to see if anyone offered tips or advice in the summary.
  • Become “friends” with the chart.  Charts are actually quite easy to read once you understand how they work.  In general, you will need to:
    • Start from the bottom right hand corner and read right to left (opposite of how we normally read a book).
    • Pay close attention to the stitch symbols and read the glossary.
    • Learn about new-to-you stitches on YouTube by doing a quick search.
  • Use the following knitting notions
    • highlighter tape (to keep track of where you are in the chart and the pattern)
    • stitch markers (to place in between each pattern repeat)
  • Experiment with sharp needle tips.
  • Start simple and then work your way into more complicated designs.

Sew, We have Another Lover

Tara is feeling challenged by her new hobby of sewing.  She is concerned about how to finish and care for her projects, such as the Farrow Dress, the Lark Tee, and the Willow Tank by Grainline Studio.

Ashley made the Grab Bag by All People Quilt, a Japanese style dumpling bag.  This pattern is free if you sign up on the website.  Ashley is giving the bag away as part of the #toomuchcandykal!  See photo above.

Ashley and her son, William, made the “Roll-it-up!” pillowcase together!  This pattern is also from All People Quilt.  William is incredibly proud of his first sewing experience!

Ashley finished the Cleo Skirt, a Made by Rae pattern.  Ashley participated in a sew-along with our awesome local fabric shop, Domesticity.

Lastly, Ashley finished Butterick B6453, a princess seamed dress.  Ashley chose a cute black-and-white polka dot fabric for the project.  This dress has a zipper and pockets.  She put in a lining and hand-stitched the hem!  Wow!

Episode 007: Knit Along With Us!

September 24, 2017


Today’s stash hiding space was shared MarySK on Ravelry.  Thank you, Mary!

General Announcements

  1. Please share where you “store” your stash in our Ravelry groupfor a chance to be featured on an upcoming episode.  We are out of spaces and need your help!
  2. Our podcast will continue to air once every three weeks.  Our goal is to have a bi-weekly podcast beginning in January
  3. Knit-Along/Crochet-Along Announcement!
  • First Knit Along!  #TooMuchCandyKAL
  • September 15- November 1st  (that means it is happening right now!)
  • Knit something Halloween related.
  • Sign up and share photos in the Misadventures in Knitting Ravelry Group and on Instagram with the hashtag TooMuchCandyKAL
  • Prizes will be awarded! 1 drawing via Ravelry and 1 drawing via Instagram using the random number generator.
  • Prizes will include a handmade project bag and halloween themed hand dyed yarn!
  • Only US addresses for prizes.

Imaginary Knitting

Tara’s imaginary knitting is the World’s Simplest Mittens by Tin Can Knits.  She will use this pattern for a class at Woolworks.  She wants to make a garland of mittens for the 12 days of Christmas and has Jill Draper Hudson, Neighborhood Fiber Company Studio Worsted, and Madeline Tosh Vintagescraps set aside

Ashley wants to make the Wishmaker Mitts by Erica Heussler and the Bobble Cowl by Joji Locatelli.  She also has an imaginary project that she think would be better classified as a Sad Knitting Tragedy!

Hot Off the Needles

Tara finished the Caragh Sweater by Laura Nelkin.  The sweater is knit side-to-side, has a boxy fit, side cable panels, and an optional cabled cowl.  Tara tested this pattern and found it to be clearly written and interesting to knit.  Here is a link to Tara’s project page.

What We Are Working On

Ashley is working on the Brighton Plaid by Eclectic Gipsyland.  She feels a break is needed because of the shift in weather.

Ashley swatched for the Campside Cardigan.

Ashley started the Festive Sheep Ornament by Jennifer Dickerson, which is a free crochet pattern on Ravelry.  She was inspired by Aquilla da Hun, of the Lefty Knitter Podcast. She finished all of the pieces and just needs to sew them together.

Finally, Ashley has joined the underarms of the Children’s Neck Down Cardigan.

Tara is knitting the Exploration Station by Stephen West using Yarn Hygge by Lis Barsuglia-Madsen.

Tara is knitting the Barley Hat by Tin Can Knits for an upcoming class at Woolworks.  She loves Madeline Tosh Vintage.


Tara purchased the new Chirstmas colorway by Gynx Yarn!  “Cheers” is a green self-striping sock yarn with different colors representing holiday beverages.

Ashley loves themes and self-striping yarn!  Freckled Whimsyhad a Stranger Things themed self-striping yarn update and Ashley was able to snag a skein!

Ashley also purchased a 2 ply BFL yarn from Brooke of Fully Spun, who recently had a trunk show at Woolworks.  This yarn has a hand-spun look.

Sad Knitting Tragedies

Moths found their way into Tara’s finished sweaters!  Oh no!  Her plan is to wash, block, store in plastic baggies, and expose to both cold and heat to prevent further contamination.

Ashley has a serious case of startosis and has spent many evenings winding yarn!  She wound yarn for the Koi Pond Shawlby Casapinka but has not yet cast on.  The yarn looks at her every night, waiting.

Ashley cast on the Whitman Hat with Woolfolk SNO but found this yarn was not a good match for the pattern.

Question of the Day

Q:  “How do you become a test-knitter?”

A:  When a designer has an item to be tested, they will often ask for help on Instagram or in their Ravelry group.  “Testing Pool” and “Free Pattern Testers” are two Ravelry groups specifically for designers to find testers.  Designers will often post a sneak-peak picture, a supply list, a deadline and a questionairre about the pattern.  Designers like to see that you take pictures of your finished objects and share on Ravelry and Instagram.  As you work through the pattern, you update the designer on your progress and if there are any errors or concerns about the pattern.  Some designers encourage a lot of chatter too, which is always fun.  Testing is generally unpaid and done for the love of knitting and the desire to support a particular designer.

Ep 006: Sew, We Have Another Lover.

September 3, 2017

*** Please note, because Tara and Ashley are sewing more, our future episodes will include a separate section dedicated to sewing toward the end of the episode.


This week’s stash hiding spot was contrubuted by therowantree on Ravelry.  Thank you for your participation, Heather!  Listeners, please visit our Ravelry group and share your stash hiding space with us.  We will reveal one secret per episode!  Shhh!

A special shout out to Algebrina of the “Just One N” videocast.  Thank you for visiting Woolworks and introducing yourself.  It was nice to meet you!

The Too Much Candy Knit Along/Crochet Along

  •  September 15-November 1st
  • Knit or crochet something Halloween related.  (A bundle has been created in our Ravelry Group.)
  • Sign up and share photos in the Misadventures in Knitting Ravelry Group and on Instagram with the hashtag #TooMuchCandyKAL
  • Two prizes will be awarded using Random Number Generator.  One drawing via Ravelry and one via Instagram.
  • US addresses only for prizes.

Tara hopes to knit the Dwarven Battle Bonnet 2 by Sally Pointer of Wicked Woolens.

Ashley will knit Little Pumpkin designed by Ashley, herself!

Hot Off the Needles

Tara finished the Transitus Hat by Laura Nelkin.  She used Plucky Scholar in the Gizmo colorway.  She likes this hat so much that she started another!

Ashley finished the Watercolor Heart Pillow by Jodi Rice.  She used Noro Silk Garden and Rowan Kid Classic.  Ashley will teach an intarsia class at Woolworks using this design.

Ashley has the sewing bug.  Seven years ago she started a mini-quilt and she finally finished and framed it!

Ashley loves foundation paper piecing.  She completed the “Truth” square by HappySewLucky on Etsy.

What We Are Working On:

Tara also caught the sewing bug!  Because Tara is a sewing newbie, she signed up for the Garment Construction Series at Domesticity, a new fabric store in Baltimore.  Domesticity offers a variety of classes for novice to experienced sewers.  The teachers and owner of the shop are phenomenal!  If you are in the Baltimore area, you should check this place out!

Tara is making the Shirt Number 1 by Sonya Philip of 100 Acts of Sewing.

Tara is making the Willow Tank Dress by Grain Line Studio.  She is taking a class with Renee Samuels, AKA Miss Celie’s Pants.

Tara has also completed several zippered pouches.

As far as knitting goes, Tara is testing the Caragh Sweater by Laura Nelkin.  This sweater will be published on Ravelry in mid-September.  Tara is using Arranmore Light in the Narin colorway by the Fibre Company.

Ashley is working on the Pink Poodle Scarf from Morehouse Designs.  She is using Finley Fingering by Three Irish Girls.


Tara purchased one skien from Destination Yarns in the Postcard Base, colorway: Toes in the Sand.

Ashley destashed 1/4 of her yarn!  Wow!  She then bought Nox Yarn Advent Calendar.

Old Bay on Everything:

Ashley and Tara visited the Baltimore Farmer’s Market together.